Government leaves EU citizens in the lurch and worse

17 October, 2019

Earlier this week I met a young couple from Italy. They, along with nearly 600,000 others, have been given Pre-Settled Status, which only gives them Limited Leave to Remain in the UK for five years. Then, as they told me, they “will have to re-apply and we’ll see what happens”! Less than 1 millio...

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What's happening with Brexit?

16 October, 2019

The Prime Minister is ‘negotiating’ a new Withdrawal Agreement. Note this is not a deal about anything which really impacts our future relationship with the EU. 5 to 10 years of further negotiations would be required to resolve other co-operation and trade arrangements. And Mr. Johnson appears to...

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No-deal Brexit could cost lives in North East Somerset

09 October, 2019

As we approach 31 October we appear, once more, to be lurching towards ‘no deal’.  Does this still pose problems for medical supplies? The answer, worryingly, is ‘yes’. The Government’s “Operation Yellowhammer” report highlighted 12 areas of risk, which includes the supply of medicines. With 75% ...

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Revoke Article 50 - not a surprise

19 September, 2019

At the Liberal Democrat conference we passed a motion which committed us to Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU. Commentators expressed surprise. Why is it surprising when the political party which has been most consistently vocal about the benefits of the EU, which was central to the ‘Remain’...

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