10k Skills Wallets for Lifelong Learning

By Nick Coates, Nov 12, 2019 2:11

I’m delighted to see my party, the Liberal Democrats, taking life-long learning and training to the heart of our Education policy.

Our vision is for a “new era of learning throughout life” with the creation of our ambitious Skills Wallet. This will give every adult £10,000 to spend on education and training throughout their lives.

As your next Government, we will put £4,000 into people’s ‘Skills Wallet’ at 25, £3,000 at 40 and another £3,000 at 55. These grants are designed to help you to save towards the costs of education and training throughout adult life.

You, your employers and local government will be able to make additional payments into your Wallets. Access to free careers guidance will also be provided.

By stopping Brexit and introducing the Skills Wallet, the Lib Dems have a forward-looking policy for ensuring that training and learning last a lifetime, helping everyone to acquire the skills needed for the employment of the future.

Do you agree with the Lib Dems' plan for lifelong learning ? If so, please consider supporting Nick's campaign to be our next MP by selecting one of the tiles below. 

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