Cllr Sarah Warren

Kevin Guy & Sarah Warren

Councillor for Bathavon North, Cabinet Member for Climate Emergency and Neighbourhood Services

Correspondence Address: 3-4 Fairhaven Cottages, Northend, Batheaston, BA1 8ES
Email: [email protected]
07817 786111

Facebook: @Cllr Sarah Warren

Sarah Warren has been a resident of Batheaston for the past sixteen years with her husband and two children. Sarah believes that the community of Bathavon North is buzzing with great ideas, and would like to serve as the voice for the community on the council. Now elected, Sarah will listen to local people, and work with them to achieve their aspirations, such as bettering the environment by preventing pollution being exported to the eastern villages, and promoting sustainable methods of transport. Sarah has worked as a NHS Information Manager, and studied sustainability at the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales. Sarah is interested in exploring the future possibility of trams in the area. Sarah would like her fellow neighbors to discuss the future of Bathavon North with her, and how to make it an even better place to live.