Dangerous undermining of parliamentary sovereignty

When Rees-Mogg travelled to Balmoral as the leader of a small group of privy councillors on Wednesday to request the Queen prorogue Parliament he shows his total contempt for British democracy. This is no longer an issue of remain or leave, his actions have set a dangerous and alarming precedent, rightly receiving universal condemnation across all political parties. It is vital we allow Parliament a say in our country's future.
Rees-Mogg's contempt is underlined when he called the outrage, demonstrated right across the UK, 'confected'. Nick Coates, LibDem parliamentary candidate for North East Somerset said:
'I was out on the streets with others on Wednesday evening. There was no confected outrage. There was alarm, concern for our democracy. Wera Hobhouse spoke passionately about her experience in her early life the other side of the iron curtain.'
Mark Francois, another member of the ERG is right when says 'It is now the people versus the establishment and - for the sake of democracy - the people must win' although it is also obvious that he, Mogg and Johnson are the establishment and the people, who are already on the streets, will be fighting to protect democracy.

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