Lib Dems are the challengers in North East Somerset

Nick Coates is the only person who can beat Jacob Rees Mogg. The People's Vote team agree!

Farmers, nurses, teachers, business owners, parents and council staff across North East Somerset are just some of the people who agree that Brexit will damage our economy, our livelihoods, and make all of us worse off.

Nick Coates is the choice for sensible Conservative and sensible Labour voters who want to move beyond Brexit to the issues that really matter to local people.

The Liberal Democrats beat both the Conservatives and Labour in May 2019 at both the local and European elections in North East Somerset.  In fact, the only recent public poll asking people within North East Somerset their voting intention shows the Lib Dems as the only viable challenger.

It's time for change. This is no longer a safe seat for Jacob Rees Mogg.

Vote Nick Coates on 12th December.

A distinctive choice

Nick Coates

Nick Coates is not a career politician, though he has a long history of campaigning. He believes every person deserves an equal chance at their dreams, a belief that has led him to advocate for teenagers facing discrimination, residents being forced from their homes by developers, and elderly people in care.

Nick graduated from University College, London before qualifying as a Chartered Accountant. Most of his work career has been in and around the housing sector. Most recently, he provided financial advice to small and medium-sized businesses across the UK. His business experience crosses public, not-for-profit and private sectors, however when elected to Parliament, being an MP will be his sole occupation.

He recently worked with Foxhill residents against property developer Curo to stop the demolition of the residents’ housing estate. Nick has also been a primary school governor and a Board member of a housing association. He is currently a Trustee of a charitable, residential and nursing care home, where’s he witnessed firsthand the difficulties facing elderly people living in constrained circumstances.

Nick is passionate about taking determined steps towards reversing climate change. In North East Somerset this means strongly opposing the expansion of Bristol Airport, a move that will only increase car traffic on local roads without providing any benefit to local residents.

Nick’s aims to bring a positive voice to our political conversations with a fair and forward thinking approach to politics.

Nick is married with two adult children, and when he has time he plays drums in a jazz and blues band.

[email protected]
31 James St West, Bath BA1 2BT
01225 316316

Stop Brexit, build a brighter future

I believe Brexit will do great harm to the United Kingdom, to our economy, our agriculture and farming industries, our public services and, most importantly, our values as a nation. I want to stop Brexit, so we can focus on what’s most important to the people of North East Somerset.

air.png Air you can breathe
I oppose the expansion of Bristol Airport and want cheaper, more frequent, reliable and greener buses.
home.png A home to be proud of
I will fight for homes that both renters and buyers can afford. I will work with the Lib Dem Council to ensure big landlords deliver and maintain quality homes for tenants.
schools.png Supported local schools
I want properly funded schools where teachers and staff are free to work for your children, not league tables.
taxes.png Fair taxes that won’t break you
I want to see fair, transparent business taxes. Small businesses shouldn’t be disadvantaged. Big corporations must pay their fair share.
doctors.png Enough doctors for you and your loved ones
I want to see social care services expanded so people can live at home. We need to make sure the NHS is fully-funded, to reduce doctor waiting times and replenish staff levels.
police.png Peace of mind
We must re-establish a local police presence with a connection to the communities they serve.

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