Letter to Jacob Rees-Mogg

Dear Jacob Rees-Mogg

Well you have really shot yourself in the foot now! And continuing the bodily metaphor, you also appear to me to be out on a limb.

You have endeavoured to put the knife in to Mrs May from even before the time, on 15th November, when you threatened her, your own party leader with "As what my right Hon. friend says, and what my right Hon. friend does, no longer match, should I not write to Sir Graham Brady?" Since then the Prime Minister has survived a no-confidence vote from her own MPs with a convincing majority - at least, it is more than 52% so I assume from your perspective it is convincing. Yet you continue to maneouvre to remove her and to increase the chances of the UK leaving the EU with no deal, an outcome which everyone (apart from a small clique of yours called the ERG) realises will be disastrous.

I understand that, at the end of the 1922 committee meeting, you asked if your colleagues had no confidence in you. What followed was a deathly silence.

Certainly the views being expressed at large, including within North East Somerset, suggest that your constituents have no confidence in you. It is time for your confidence to be put to the test - resign from the Conservative party with which you are no longer in tune and let's have a by-election.

yours ready to represent the people of North East Somerset properly,

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