Can our Council still usefully get involved with and spend money on environmental matters? Of course!

Despite many years of centralisation and Government control of budgets:

  • Councils, working with their local communities, are well placed to help build a low carbon future.
  • Councils still have reasonable autonomy in the way they organise their own activities.
  • Councils have the capacity and powers to encourage and influence particular forms of behaviour by their residents and businesses.
  • Councils can help to reduce the adverse environmental impacts of climate change in their communities, usually in partnership with community groups.

But what does this mean in practice?

  • securing local renewable energy sources
  • securing local food supplies
  • using the planning mechanisms to encourage sustainable construction and development
  • building low carbon transport networks, and
  • introducing waste management by encouraging re-use, repair and increased and more consistent recycling schemes.

All of these actions can help build new local businesses and create jobs and hence secure economic, as well as environmental, benefits.

What would your priorities be?

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