Nick Coates campaigning to reverse Tory cuts of £12k/student

PRESS RELEASE: Lib Dem Nick Coates is campaigning to reverse Tory cuts of £12k/student in North East Somerset.

The Liberal Democrats have announced that they will spend £10 billion a year more on schools and hire 20,000 more teachers by the end of the next Parliament.

Figures from the National Education Union show that next year (2020/21), schools in North East Somerset will have seen their budgets cut by
£53,329,472 in real terms since 2015, once increasing pupil numbers are taken into account.
This is equivalent to a cut of £12,836 per pupil. Across the constituency, 54,733,856 of schools have seen their spending power cut since 2015.
Nick Coates, Liberal Democrat candidate for North East Somerset, said:

"Young people across North East Somerset deserve world-class schools and colleges so they can get the best start in life.
"Instead, the Conservatives have cut school budgets to the bone, which has resulted in many North East Somerset schools recording an annual budget shortfall, alongside above-average class sizes.

"And across the country, hundreds of schools are being forced to rely on handouts from local parents or cut staff numbers to make ends meet. Some schools are even shortening the school day because they can’t afford to keep children at school for a five-day week.

"As the next MP for North East Somerset, I will fight to reverse school cuts so that our children can get the resources they need to learn.
"Liberal Democrats will build a brighter future for every child in North East Somerset. By stopping Brexit, we can spend £10 billion a year more on schools and recruit 20,000 more teachers to give every child the skills they need to succeed in life."


Notes to editors:

A Liberal Democrat government would reverse these cuts to frontline school budgets with an emergency cash injection of £4.6 billion next year.

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