Nick's Plan

The Conservative government's obsession with Brexit has drawn attention away from pressing local issues that are affecting our area. Nick Coates has a six-point action plan to bring the focus back on North East Somerset, revitalising our communities after years of being ignored. 

  I oppose the expansion of Bristol Airport. We must reduce, not increase carbon emissions. An expanded airport means thousands more cars each day clogging our roads.

  We need a subsidised bus system, making frequent, reliable, greener and cheaper buses a viable alternative to cars for our children and our commutes.


  I will fight for genuinely affordable housing for both renters and local buyers. I worked to help stop Curo demolishing most of the Foxhill estate against residents’ wishes.

  I will work with the LibDem Council to ensure big landlords deliver and maintain quality homes for their tenants.


  Nearly every school in North East Somerset has suffered cuts to pupil funding since 2015. Rural schools were hit hardest, losing £14 million across Bath and North East Somerset.

  We need properly funded, well-resourced, supported schools where teachers and staff are free to work for your children, not league tables.

  I believe we should expand access to and funding for early-learning programs, proven to encourage social mobility.


  I want to see fair, transparent business taxes. Small businesses shouldn’t be disadvantaged. Big corporations must pay their fair share.

  This means closing loopholes and supporting our growing local economy.


  I want to see social care services expanded, so people can be properly supported to continue living at home and contributing to their communities.

  I believe disabled and older people must be involved in discussions and decisions about the care and support they receive.

  We need to make sure the NHS is fully-funded, to reduce hospital and surgery waiting times and replenish staff levels.


  Austerity has decimated the Avon and Somerset Constabulary. We need to re-establish a local police presence who have a connection to the communities they serve.


Do you agree with Nick's plan for our area? If so, please consider supporting his campaign to be our next MP by selecting one of the tiles below. 


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