People's vote debated in Parliament

Today Menzies Campbell, former leader of the Liberal Democrats, will lead a debate in the House of Lords arguing the case for a People's Vote on the outcome of the Brexit negotiations.

Speaking ahead of the debate, Menzies Campbell said "The Brexiters never told the country that a decision to leave would result in the depreciation of the pound, an increase in inflation and a rise in the cost of living. But sadly the public have been failed by an incoherent and incompetent Tory Government whose divisions and internal strife undermine the United Kingdom.

“We do not know what, if anything, the final package will be that is put before Parliament. However, the chances of it being approved by the Commons melt by the hour as bitterness and abuse replace loyalty and respect.

“If ever there was a need for pause for thought it is now. That is why nearly 700,000 members of the public marched through the streets of London last Saturday calling for the people to have the final say on any deal.”

Nick Coates, LibDem parliamentary candidate for North East Somerset and contesting the seat against arch-Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg, was one of the 700,000 marching through London last Saturday. He said, "I am calling on MPs across the parties to start taking this matter seriously and consider what is best for the country. In my view that means remaining in the EU."

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