Revoke Article 50 - not a surprise

By Nick Coates, Sep 19, 2019 6:09

At the Liberal Democrat conference we passed a motion which committed us to Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU. Commentators expressed surprise.

Why is it surprising when the political party which has been most consistently vocal about the benefits of the EU, which was central to the ‘Remain’ campaign, which promoted an ‘Exit from Brexit’ and to ‘Stop Brexit’ wants to revoke article 50?

Over more than three years the Conservatives have failed to reach agreement among themselves over any form of Brexit. Mr Rees-Mogg voted against his own Prime Minister’s negotiated deal twice. When I speak to people on the doorstep they say ‘make it stop’.

I understand this. The proper focus of government - education, health, policing, employment, transport and even climate related issues - has dropped out of sight. 

The Liberal Democrats will stop Brexit so we can get on with normal life and enjoy the benefits of the EU: peace, security, high food and product standards, good employment law, frictionless trade and, yes, freedom of movement which belatedly is being recognised as an indispensable benefit to all of us.

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