Thank you from Nick Coates

Thank you to everyone who voted for me recently and to those supporting my campaign. My overwhelming memory from the last five weeks or so is the sheer number of people involved in various ways and their camaraderie. It has been genuinely amazing.

I am delighted that Wera Hobhouse won Bath with an increased majority and that we have four new LibDem MPs, all women. Many others deserved to win. I am devastated that we have lost Jo Swinson and the loss to parliament of the independents who joined us - Sarah, Chukka, Luciana, and Sam - is a major blow.

After the 2015 General Election I joined the LibDems, because of their (our) values and our approach to developing policy and standing up for equality. Although four and half years later the democratic process has left us no further forward, the need for that voice remains as important as ever and I remain committed to this.

The case for proportional representation grows stronger - our national vote share grew while our seat numbers did not. And the need for a party which is not wedded to an historic dogma, like those on the extreme left or right, is possibly even more important.

Let's keep working for an open relationship with the EU, for real action on climate change and for justice and equal treatment for those marginalised by government over the years.

Nick Coates

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