Why isn’t Theresa May challenging Trump on climate change? The future of the planet depends on it.

As the Lib Dem Climate Change Secretary, I think it’s an utter disgrace that Trump is preparing to withdraw from the Paris Climate Change Agreement. He clearly has utter contempt for science and the planet.

What’s also disgraceful is Theresa May’s failure to challenge him. Where are the Conservatives’ priorities? Where’s their foresight? Where’s their courage?

The Liberal Democrats are calling on Theresa May to urgently speak out and oppose Donald Trump’s planned withdrawal. Why?

Because the deal was the result of two decades of international negotiations – a huge positive step forward for the future of humanity. And now, because of political insanity and cowardice, it’s on the brink of unravelling. This could be a disaster for our environment and a betrayal of every generation to come.

North East Somerset Candidate, Manda Rigby commented,

'Here in North East Somerset, our current MP wants to take us back a century or two and introduce fracking which will wreck our local environment and potentially devastate our water supply. By voting LibDem we can stop this atrocity.'

It's time for Theresa May to speak out. She must join the Liberal Democrats and the global scientific community, in condemning President Trump publicly.

This is too important for Britain to stay silent.

If you support our progressive policies on the environment, vote Lib Dem on 8th June.

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